Thursday, April 19, 2012

Open letter to Shell CEO Peter Voser in respect of the Bahrain Grand Prix

Dear Mr Voser

Bahrain Grand Prix
I write this open letter as a private individual, a former long-term employee, a shareholder and a Pensioner of Royal Dutch Shell. I call on Shell to take the following action in respect of the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix:

  1. To instruct Ferrari to remove all Shell branding from their competing cars (and other items) for the duration of this year's Grand Prix event.
  2. To rescind invitations to customers and other third parties in respect of Corporate Hospitality in the "Formula One Club" and elsewhere at the event.
  3. To withdraw all staff from the event other than those required to fulfil Shell's contractual obligations to Ferrari.
  4. To remove or otherwise cover up any Shell branding and advertising at the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit.



  1. Royal Dutch Shell has made a commitment to Human Rights in the past and has communicated in public its support for the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS of the United Nations.
  2. A recent comprehensive report by Amnesty International documented the continued and flagrant abuses of Human Rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain and by its Government.
  3. The leaders of Formula one, and the teams, have decided to go ahead with the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix despite the fact that the Kingdom of Bahrain oppresses its citizens and denies them the Human Rights to which under the UN Charter they are entitled.
  4. Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) has contractual obligations to Ferrari which it must honour. However there is no reason why Shell should not take the action I have outlined above in order to protect its reputation and to show its concern about the going ahead of an event which has been strongly condemned by all who take the UN Declaration seriously

I hope that you will feel able to take the action I have asked for.

Paddy Briggs